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Xbox Game Streaming! I Played Halo on My Xbox One X From 30 Miles Away!

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The new Microsoft Streaming App includes the ability to play the games installed on your Xbox One remotely. And by remotely, I don't mean just the other room. Over the weekend I was able to use my Samsung S9 and the Microsoft Streaming app to connect to the Xbox from another location over 30 miles away and played a little Halo.

Once you have your Xbox One X setup, you can easily login, see your Xbox Home Screen, choose any game you have installed and then play. All on your phone's screen. It's a little complicated to setup, especially now. As of the date this video is published, the streaming is only available if you have applied and been accepted into the Xbox Insiders program. But after they're done testing and rolling it out to everyone, you'll be able to play. Well, as long a compatible phone and network.

All the details are in this video or in my two previous ones. They give you the instructions on how to apply for the Insider's program, get your Xbox One X updated to allow streaming, update your controller. One warning, if you're viewing this before the release to the public, you'll be updating your Xbox One X to the Insider's version of it's operating system. So beware. If you are a hard core gamer and don't want any possible problems, you may want to wait until tesing is done.

So here are the links to the other video. There are also links in the video itself. Hope you find this news as exciting as I have!


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