About Old Guy Geek

After college then 20 years in the military in a technical field, I transitioned to computer related careers.  I started in computer systems operations and customer support where I found I like helping people with their problems on their systems (back then they were on DEC terminals, not PCs). Moving on to programming, I eventually became the Director of Web Development that helped me understand what people needed and how they accessed information. So after my second  20 year career, I finally started my own computer-oriented business in 2004.

Like many people out there, I'm the relative or friend that everyone goes to if they have a question about how to do something on a computer system.  I'm always glad to help.  So now I have branched out to give that same free advice to anyone who needs it.

Although I have years of experience on other Operating Systems, I'm really a Windows guy. So this channel and my blog are dedicated to all things Windows.
Of course, most will be about the new Windows 10 OS (PC or Phone), but if someone needs some help on a prior Windows version (Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 3.1, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 2.0), I'm here for you.

If you have a hardware question, I've been building workstations and servers back in the day when Novell was the hot file system, so I can probably give you some help. If we get enough questions, we'll start another blog category and get started on those.

By the way, I'm not going to bad mouth other systems, but I'm only going to cover Microsoft's product line, whether it's a PC, Phone or Gaming platform.