Windows 11 Start Menu - Preloaded App Icons Auto Install Apps With Just One Click

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Your new Windows 11 Start Menu will probably include some icons for certain Apps. The icons are most likely there because a software publisher paid to have the icon placed during Windows 11's installation. The good news is that it's just the icon and the app isn't actually installed. But if, in your curiosity, click on it, it will immediately start installing the app. You'll see a small progress bar below the icon indicating that the app is actually downloading. After it's done, if you click on the app, it will open. What's a bit troubling is, with the three apps that I tested they each were a subscription model that wants you to sign up for a temporary license that charges you month after month for using their software.

So, if you don't recognize an app, don't click on it. Try right-clicking on it or go to the Microsoft Store and read about it. If it's something you don't want, just go back to the Start Menu, right-click on the icon and choose Uninstall from the pop-up menu.


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