Windows 11 Start Menu - Less Clutter or Less Functionality? You Be the Judge

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The Windows 11 Start Menu appears to be a variation of the ill-fated WindowsX OS, with a Start Menu that has far fewer features than the Windows 10 one. While people complained that the Windows 8 & 10 Start Menus were worse than the previous Windows 7 one, they were mainly complaining that all they wanted was the simple vertical menu not some larger more complex one. Over time, that changed and we had some great features like grouping tiles into an area we could name like 'Daily Use', 'News' or 'Gaming'.

But now in Windows 11 all that functionality is gone. The Start Menu consists of a simple list of icons that you can drag and rearrange, but that's about it. For those that are purists, it's exacting what they prefer. But for many, I'm guessing that the Windows 10 Start Menu functions will be missed. Only time will tell

Although people complained about the Start Menu tile in Windows 8 and later Windows 10, I guessing that the limited functionality of this menu system will be met with strong objections that it doesn't meet people's needs. I will admit I overused the windows 10 start menu and created some complex and unneeded grouping, but the new menu doesn't meet some of my basic needs. Coupled with the missing functionalities in the new Taskbar, this system can be difficult to get used to. I'm guessing Microsoft will restore some of the functions in the next few months. Only time will time.


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