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Setup Your Xbox One X to Stream Your Installed Games to Your Phone

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Streaming from your Xbox One X directly to your phone is the second half of the Xbox xCloud program. My earlier video shows how to stream games from Microsoft's gaming servers, but this allows you to play your Xbox One installed games on your phone. Even older, legacy programs.

So let's say you have your Xbox One X in an area where someone else is located. Or they're watching TV on the big screen. What to do? Just grab your phone and go into the other room. Startup your Android phone and launch the Game Streaming app from Google Play Store.

Hit the 'connect' button and BOOM it starts up your Xbox One X and logs you in. You see the normal Home screen and you see that game you wanted to play so dearly. Now just use the exact same controller buttons to select and startup your game. 

You're in business!!!


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