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No Room for Flight Simulator 2020 on your Xbox Series X/S? Add an External m2. NVMe SSD drive!

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If you want to install Flight Simulator 2020 on your Xbox Series S/X but you don't have enough room, here's how to add storage without opening up your Xbox and putting in a larger drive. The drive has to be 128GB or larger and have a USB 3.0 interface. Here's how to add an external m.2 NVMe SSD or any other external SSD to your Xbox. If you're on a budget all you need is the smaller 250GB drive and you're in business.

When you're done you'll see a drive listing like this. Then you can install Flight Simulator 2020 and any other games you can fit on it. Not only that, but once you get it ready, you're be enjoying fast loading games and more space to keep more games stored locally. It's a big win if you are on Game Pass and constantly have to swap out games for new ones you want to try.

To move a game you just have to click on the option button your controller when you're on that game's icon on the Xbox homepage. A popup will appear allowing you to get into the move/copy menu for that game. You can do it for one game or several at a time.

Of course you can use the same procedures for add an external drive on your regular Xbox One X. Just not for Flight Simulator 2020.

Enjoy your new, speedier game storage & loading.


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