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Install Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine on Windows 64bit systems

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One of the best games of 1999 was Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine. Unfortunately, it won't even install on Windows 64 bit systems.

But thanks to a developer in Germany, here's how to successfully install it. I've also include instructions on how to configure the game to run in full screen mode. It runs really smooth and is a joy to play again.

Here's some links to download the installation program and where to download a patch to allow it to run without the CD in the drive.

To get the game, just search for it on Amazon. There are a few left but just make sure there are for the PC.

Here's the link to download the installer and the latest patch. The instructions are in German, but it works just fine.
64 bit installer

Download the No-CD patch from Game Copy World:
Game Copy World

Lastly, here's a link to a YouTuber who has a great series of video walkthroughs.
Mount Furious Video Walkthrough



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