Edge Chromium - Sync Android and Windows Favorites, Passwords and History

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No more do you have to remember passwords on your phone. Here's how to sync Edge Chromium for Android with your Windows 10 Edge's Favorites, Password and History. Here's the steps to take to ensure you have sync turned on both devices and you have selected the items you wish to sync. You'll never be stuck at a website and you don't have the password to login. It's all protected. Just remember to have a password lock on your phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen.

It's pretty easy to get to the sync settings on your Edge browser. Just open it and go to the top right and click on your image and then 'Manage Profile Settings'. 

A page will open up and then choose 'Sync' on the middle menu.

Once on that page you can choose exactly which setting you want to sync. The main one to sync are your Favorites so you can easily find your often visited sites from your phone's favorites menu.

Once you're done with your PC settings, it's time to setup your Edge browser on Android to use the same settings.

 Grab your phone and click on your image on the top left. It should open the next screen.

Click on Account Settings to view what account Edge is using

Change it if necessary on the next screen.

Make sure Sync is turned on

Find your lock screen settings on your phone and make absolutely sure you have some sort of password on your phone. Otherwise if you lose your phone, someone could have access to all your websites and possibly account login information.

For complete instructions and a walkthrough
watch the video below

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