Low Disk Space on C: Drive? Change Default Save Locations to Second Drive - 2022

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Here's a new version of an earlier video about changing your default save locations. It's important to prevent your C: drive from filling up. Especially with SSDs as their lifespan can be adversely affected by low space. This video is applicable to both Windows 10 & 11.

Whether you buy a system or build it yourself, the operating system is installed on the C drive, reducing the available space. In addition, assorted drivers, component software and other items consume even more space. And then, Once you start installing programs and choose the default installation, they get installed under one of two Program folders on the C drive. And yes, consuming even more space.After that, when you start using those programs, most store your personal files on the C drive. And just like the previous two types of information, your personal files are stored on the C drive, consuming even more space.

Each time you install Windows updates, upgrade software or just use your programs the amount of free space reduces over and over again until your C drive starts getting filled up. Eventually the drive is overcrowded. What to do? Install a second drive. Once you have the drive installed we're going show how to modify your default save locations and copying your existing data to the new location. Lastly, deleting the original data on the C drive, thereby giving you the space you need.


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