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Windows 10 Taskbar Weather and News Bug Configuration

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Windows 10 has released a new feature for the Taskbar. The Weather bug is a popup information center that gives you news and weather information without having to open an app or browser. It's fully configurable so you can configure the settings to your liking or to hide it. Additionally each information panel can be configured independantly to hide it or display exactly what you want.


The default view shows both the current weather icon for sunshine, partly cloudy, etc. It also displays the current temperature for your default location. It gets this from your Windows account that you are currently logged into. To change these settings you just have to right-click on the taskbar and choose how you want it displayed or even if you want it turned off. I do reccmmend that you turn off the hover function. Otherwise each time you move your mouse to the bottom right you risk activating it automatically.



I highly recommend that you leave the taskbar news and weather modules available. Then, after a few days of allowing or hiding news sources you'll find out that the taskbar weather bug delivers exactly what you want to see. If not, you can alway go back and adjust the settings. There are even more advanced settings that you can access through your Microsoft profile on Edge.



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